About Tanya

Tanya Shoop Profile ImageI love teaching the Alexander Technique. It has fascinated me over the past 20 years and I enjoy working with people to help them see how they can feel better. I’m calm and my practice room reflects this by facing onto the beautiful Brockwell Park.

I have worked with a great range of people – all ages and all types of backgrounds. My Alexander teaching is very practical. From the first lesson, I want people to have things to observe and try out. I believe it’s never too late to improve.

A friend and local yoga teacher, Chris Holt, and I have developed a style called ‘Hands On Yoga’ which is an amalgamation of the Alexander Technique and Yoga and we run various workshops and retreats.


Yoga posture

I work closely with my Alexander colleagues at HITE. We commissioned, edited and published a book on the Alexander Technique: Connected Perspectives. This has received international acclaim and has become a core text in many Alexander Technique training schools.

Connected Perspectives book cover

We also go into offices to carry out workstation assessments. Rather than the usual tick-box form that standard organisations offer, we like to provide a more specialised postural service. Here we give a presentation, carry out the desk assessment with our informed postural awareness, carry out some hands on Alexander work to improve posture standing and sitting and take before and after photos.

Tanya Shoop giving specialist postural guidance to someone at laptop


Another collaboration is with a group of local practitioners called NESTLondon. We all specialise in pregnancy, birth and post-natal care. We meet monthly to share our experience and ideas and want to offer a rounded and holistic approach to parents and parents-to-be.

photo in park of NEST London team- practitioners specialising in pregnancy


I originally started Alexander Technique lessons for back pain. I’d tried loads of treatments and the Alexander Technique was the one that worked.  But it’s been much more than that. My posture has improved immensely, I’m calmer and more confident than I’d ever been before and I can even sing better!

I was really lucky to do my teacher training with Walter and Dilys Carrington. They’d trained with FM Alexander himself in the 1930s and worked with him until he died in 1955. It was a fabulous place to learn, full of laughter. I later gave anatomy lectures to Alexander Technique students at their training school.

Walter Carrington, Alexander Technique teacher


It’s a far cry from my office background, working in the NHS and Law Society, but those beginnings mean I’m familiar with the stresses and pressures of a different kind of working life. I love making things, particularly knitting and sewing. I’m in a local Stitch ‘N Bitch Group and a quilting group. I’m an avid reader, have been in a book group for about 20 years. I often have at least four books on the go. I’ve lived in Brixton, South London for a long time and love the community atmosphere there.

Knitting - wool and needles

I really like jokes, especially puns – and I’d love to remember more than one joke at a time!