Baby sleeping - very relaxed unlike adults who sleep with tension

Good posture in bed

Let’s look at sleeping positions. Do you wake up with neck pain or back pain and feel stiff and achy in the morning? What is a good pillow height? Do you sleep on your back, front or side? Here are some ideas to experiment with. Pillow Height The height of the pillow makes a difference. […]

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Wearing Glasses

When you put on a pair of glasses or sunglasses do you nod your head down to do so? And do you do the same when taking them off? No need. Instead, try keeping your head still and lift your spectacles up and over the ears. Changing these and other daily habits can help prevent […]

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Playing with posture book - Alexander Technique book for parents on maintaining children's good posture

Children’s Posture – use it, don’t lose it

This new book for parents/carers is very practical and full of ideas on how to maintain and improve children’s posture and learning capabilities.  It contains examples, activities and games looking at day to day life as well as play time. Most have us have been brought up to think that good posture is standing or […]

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Computer Monitors – Screen Height.

To avoid neck strain, the top of your computer monitor should be at eye level, about an arm’s length away. Our eyes naturally look about 15 degrees down and so will then naturally look onto the screen. There are various bits of equipment that you can buy to raise the screen but a cheap and […]

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Posture at the keyboard

Offices come in all shapes and sizes.  This one was outside the courts in Mumbai, India where men were typing affidavits. I was struck by how upright this man’s back was. Despite him being very tall and sitting on a low wall, he manages to not slouch. His head is a bit down and forward […]

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