Scoliosis and the Alexander Technique

A colleague in the States, Professor Galen Cranz, has recorded 4 short videos describing her personal experience of scoliosis which she’s had since childhood and these are well worth watching, particularly if you have scoliosis yourself or know someone who does or if you work therapeutically with people who have scoliosis. In Video 1, Galen talks […]

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child at laptop - poor posture as chair too low

Alexander Technique in Education

There’s a fantastic short video about how the Alexander Technique works in education, whether normal schools or music or drama colleges. It’s beautifully shot and is very clear and informative. Well worth at least one look. Here’s the video: How does the Alexander Technique help students? It shows them how to: understand their reaction processes have a […]

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Walter Carrington riding a horse

Walter Carrington – centenary celebrations

We celebrated what would have been Walter Carrington’s 100th birthday this week at my Alexander Technique training school. Walter and his wife, Dilys, ran the school for many decades and I was so lucky to have trained with them – they were well into their 80s when I started my teacher training. The school in […]

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S Chair with person sitting in it

Chair Design – function plus form

  It’s not ideal for our health to sit for too long. Two factors are of key importance: our posture at the chair and the type of chair itself that we sit on. Christine Ackers writes in Connected Perspectives that: ‘… the first criterion for judging a chair must be that sitting on it does […]

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Connected Perspectives book cover

Book Launch – Connected Perspectives: Alexander Technique in Context

I am delighted to announce the launch of a book of new writings on the Alexander Technique. My colleagues, Kamal Thapen and Claire Rennie, and I have been working on this for the past 2 years,  bringing these wonderful articles to print. Connected Perspectives comprises 23 contemporary articles which relate the Alexander Technique to diverse fields […]

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